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Skeptical investigators tried to get deputy in Yantis shooting to change story | #IdahoStatePolice #Corruption #ISP #PoliceCorruption #Idaho #YantisShooting #LicenseToMurder #BadDog

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(Via KTVB)

(Via KTVB)

Hammers don’t build houses

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I’m sorry.. I don’t mean to piss anybody off, but I’m sick of all this “Guns don’t kill people” bullshit. Although the article is a complete fabricated fairy tale, the title isn’t false. Guns DON’T kill people themselves… Stupid people full of fear use guns to kill people, and America is full of scared and stupid people with guns (I don’t blame them for this). Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the 2nd amendment. My dad was a military man, so I grew up shooting guns and hunting. I enjoy both, and support our right to own firearms. But over 11,000 people are dying annually on American soil from gunshots. That is more than Iraq and Afghanistan combined (that includes fatalities on both sides of the war and civilians killed). Outlawing handguns may slow it down, but it is NOT the solution. It is impossible to keep the ‘wrong’ people from obtaining a handgun. For that matter, it is impossible to know who the ‘wrong’ people to own handguns are. I don’t have a solution. It’s a complicated problem. But to claim guns aren’t part of the problem is just ignorant. I could say hammers don’t build houses and I would be right…but they sure make it easier to build a house.

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